Col·lecció de Pepes de León López

León López is a zealous collector of antique dolls. Throughout many years he has created a majestic collection of enormously valuable dolls. Can Prunera Museu Modernista displays more than one hundred of these dolls, to be visited in two of the museum’s halls, which host some of the finest pieces of this private collection. One of the most antique dolls dates back to 1850, and other dolls from 1910, 1940 and 1950 can be seen at Can Prunera.

There are French and German dolls, most of them china dolls, and models such as Dep Simon&Halbing, Bébé Jumeau and American Doll can be found in this collection; when it comes to Spanish dolls, the most representative of all is present: Mariquita Pérez.